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Regulatory Economics

Offering expert analysis and strategic insights to navigate complex regulatory issues effectively.

Regulatory Impact Analysis

Evaluating economic effects of regulatory changes.

Expert Witness & Consultation

We serve as expert witnesses and consultants to utilities and users of utilities evaluating the rates currently in effect for service. 


Ensures adherence to regulations, optimizes operations.

At Premier Quantitative Consulting, Inc., our Regulatory Economics Services offer a thorough understanding of regulatory landscapes. With extensive expertise in impact assessments, compliance, and expert testimony, we empower utilities and their users to navigate complex regulatory challenges effectively.

We serve as expert witnesses and consultants, evaluating current service rates and providing comprehensive services including Form 6 and compliance documentation review, litigation support, expert witness testimony, rate of return analysis, cost allocation methodology analysis, cost of service analysis, rate design analysis, and market-based rate analysis. This holistic approach enhances your strategic edge in regulated industries.


Highlighting Excellence in Regulatory Economic


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Leverage our expertise to gain clarity on regulatory impacts and to enhance your strategic planning within regulated industries.


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Navigating Complexities of Oil Pipeline Rate Design

Dive into our pioneering workpaper, "Principles of Rate Making and Rate Design for Oil Pipelines," showcasing our leading-edge analysis and thought leadership in the energy sector.


This comprehensive study demystifies the intricate process of establishing just and reasonable rates for oil pipelines, underlining our commitment to excellence and precision in regulatory economics.

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